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Common Abbreviations 
AA or A/A - Anglo Arab
AA or A/A - Animal Artistry - Resin sculptures by Donna Chaney 
AAA - Animal Artistry models produced in Bone China by Alchamy Ceramics 
Andy - Andalusian.
AP - Artist Proof
Appy - Appaloosa.
ASAP - As soon as possible, as in "please return my photos ASAP".
ASB - American Saddlebred.
ASHF - Action Stock Horse Foal (Breyer).

BECF - British Equine Collectors' Forum
BMECs - British Model Equine Championships - the End of Year Championship Live Show
Bes or Bessy. - Beswick: a make of ceramic models manufactured in England.
BF - Breyerfest. Annual model horse show in American held by Breyer in the Kentucky Horse Park.
BFA - Border Fine Arts: a make of resin-cast models manufactured in Scotland.
BHR - Black Horse Ranch.
BNA - Big Name Artist. An artist within the hobby who has a big following.
Brey. - Breyer: a make of plastic models manufactured in the USA.

CA, ClA or ClArab - Breyer Classic sized Arabian.
C or Cl. - Classic: Breyer model range, approx. 4½"  to the withers or roughly 1/12 scale.
CAM - Classic Arab Mare (Breyer).
CAF - Classic Arab Foal (Breyer).
CAS - Classic Arab Stallion ( Breyer).
CE - Commemorative Edition.
Cert. - Certificate (prize).
CTF - Craft/Toy/Foundation/
The CFT section was devised to give models such as Julips, Magpies, Britains and MBHs an equal chance of competing at shows.
- handmade models from wood, self-harding sculpting/modeling clay, felt & wool etc.  

Toy - Sindy/Barbie Horse, Grand Champions (GC), My Beautiful Horses (MBH), Early learning Center (ELC), Flockies, Schleich, Bullyland, Ertl, My Little Ponies (MLP) etc, that are predominately bought as play for the younger generation items.
Foundation - Julip, Magpie/Dream, Rydal, Britains + other models originally designed for play or as collectables pre 1980s (UK Based companies).            

CH - Champion
Clay Body Custom - A porcelain or china model customised at the factory before being painted and fired
Clyd(e) - Clydesdale
CF - Copperfox Model Horses - Model horse company now based in the USA.
Cond. - Condition.
Cust. - Customised: see Reworking sheet for more detailed explanation of terms.
CM or Cust - Customized Model.
C/r. - Customised and repositioned.
C/r/r - Customised, repositioned and resculpted.
CWP - Cantering Welsh Pony (Breyer).

Disc. - Discontinued: a model that is no longer in production.
DO - Details Only: a 'model' that only exists on paper (see Details For Your Models).
DW - Designer's Workshop: the brand name for all Hagen-Renaker models of Classic size and larger.
DWB - Dutch Warmblood

e.g. - Examplia Grata: Latin for 'for Example'.
Ex. - Excellent condition.

Factory Custom (FCM) - a model customised by the company at the factory
Factory Error - Model given wrong colour/markings at the factory by accident - rare!
Factory Mint - Model is as it come from the factory, may have minor factory faults.
FF - Factory Finish: the same as original finish (OF).
FAF - Family Arab Foal (Breyer).
FAM - Family Arab Mare (Breyer).
FAS - Family Arab Stallion (Breyer).
Flockie - A model covered in a soft fur like coating
FM - Franklin Mint: a range of fine china models manufactured in the Far East and sold by mail order.

Gaited - Type of horse that performs gaits other than normal walk, trot, canter and gallop.

HA - Horsing Around - UK supplier of resin models and hobby accessories 
Halter Class - Class judged on conformation, breed type etc.
Hano - Hanoverian
H-R. or HR - Hagen-Renaker: a make of ceramic models from the USA.
Hartland - A Make of Plastic Model Horse similar to Breyer made in the USA
Ht - Height: in the UK models are measured to the ears, or if the model has its head lowered, then to the highest point, usually its withers.
HK - Hong Kong: any make or type of model horse made in Hong Kong by a unknown factory.

ID - Irish Draught
i.e. - Iter Erat: Latin for 'that is'.
IRC - International Reply Coupon, used to replace an SSAE when writing to someone in a foreign country and wishing for a reply. IRC's can be bought from Post Offices.
IMO - International Money Order, enables you to send money abroad in the currency of another country without having to buy actual notes.

JAH - Just About Horses, Breyer's own magazine.

LB - Little Bit: a range of Breyer models in between Classic and Stablemate size.
LE or Ltd Ed. - Limited Edition: model of which only a certain number are made. With firms such as Royal Worcester, once an edition is complete, the original moulds are destroyed.  Often the edition is numbered, and each model comes with a certificate recording the number, and the name of the purchaser.
LEMs - Live Equine Model Showing - A British Championship show where you had to qualify at other live shows to be able to enter the yearly Championship show. No longer running.
Lippi - Lipizzaner
Live Show - Model Horse Show where models are shown 'in person'.
LOL - Laugh Out Loud - term used within an email or text.
LP - Lady Phase (Breyer).
LSQ - Live Show Quality: high quality; good workmanship; no hidden flaws or damage

MBH - My Beautiful Horses: a UK make of plastic model horse
M/F - Mare & Foal
MFT - Missouri Fox Trotter
MHM - Model Horse Magazine - a Magazine that was produced by Utterly Horses.
MHS - Model Horse Society - A magazine that was UK based.
MIB - Mint in box: either a brand new model, never removed from its original packing, or one in perfect condition, still with original packaging.
Mini Model - Model less than around 3" tall at the ears, e.g. Breyer Stablemates, Animal Artistry minis, Britains, etc.
Mint - Model in excellent condition
Mould or Mold - Meaning a particular design of model.
MOW - Man O' War
M/T - Mane & Tail

NAMSHA - North America Model Horse Showers Association
NAN - North American Nationals - the USA National Championship Show run by NAMHSA
NIB - New in Box.
NL - Northlight, resin models that were made in England and later in China
NSH - National Show Horse

Online Show - A photo show held 'online' via a website such as photobucket or a yahoo group
OOAK - One of a Kind
OF - Original finish: a model just as it comes from the factory. (Also sometimes referred to as 'factory finish'.) In the UK, models with minor alterations such as retouched eyes or added markings are often considered OF, but may be excluded from OF Make or Collector Classes.
OS - Original Sculpture. Model made entirely from scratch by the artist. Even the most extensive remakes are not Original Sculptures.

PAF - Proud Arab Foal (Breyer).
PAM - Proud Arab Mare (Breyer).
PAS - Proud Arab Stallion (Breyer).
Paso - Paso Fino or Peruvian Paso.
PBA - Partbred Arab
Perf. - Performance
Photo Shows - Shows where you send photos of your models to compete in classes.
PITA - Pain in the arse: term used in email messages
Pix or Pic - Pictures = photos.
P&P-- Postage and Packaging
PO - Postal Order.
POA - Pony of the Americas
PSQ - Photo Show Quality, not LSQ, may have a mark or scratch or have a poorer  finish, but would show well in Photo Shows, where slight flaws can be 'hidden'.

QH - Quarter Horse

RR or RRH - Repainted and Remade or Repainted, Remade and Haired, same as CM
Rem - Remade
Rep. - Repainted
Res. - Resculpted
Res - Reserve as in Reserve Champion
Resin - Model cast in a plastic type resin, e.g. Animal Artistry, Border Fine Arts, North Lights, etc.
Ret. - Retouched
Rew. - Reworked
ROA - Ripe Off Artist: A person who has not completed a legal transaction, normally via Ebay etc
RubberNedz - Animal Artistry horses produced in high quality latex by Donna Chaney

SAE - Stamped Addressed Envelope/Self Addressed Envelope.
SSAE - Stamped, Self Addressed Envelope.
SB - Saddlebred.
S/D - Sire and Dam.
SHF - Stock Horse Foal (Breyer).
SHM - Stock Horse Mare (Breyer).
SHS - Stock Horse Stallion (Breyer).
SM - Stablemate: Breyer's range of mini models, often used in conjunction with mould abbreviations, eg. SMAS - Stablemate Arab Stallion.
SR - Special Run: model produced in a limited, non-standard colour.
SSHF - Standing Stock Horse Foal (Breyer).
St. - Stallion
Stock Type - Horse of stock or cattle working type eg Paint, Appaloosa or QH.

TB - Thoroughbred
Test Run - A factory model in a one-off colour/pattern to test out a new colour or pattern before production
T, Tr, Trad. - Traditional: Breyer's largest range of models, approx. 6½" at the withers or roughly 1/10th scale.
TC. TR or Test - Test Colour or Test Run: Model made before production to determine exact colour and markings, may be on production model or any model.
Trad - Traditional: Breyer largest size of model horse.
Trak - Trakehner
T/U - Touch Up: Small markings added to or rubs retouched to a otherwise OF model.
TWH - Tennessee Walking Horse

UH - Utterly Horses - A dispanded UK Model Horse Supplier

W/ and W/Out - with, and without, as in 'mare w/foal'.
WB - Warmblood
Woodie - Wood Grain: Model painted to look like wood

# - Number (USA): as in the catalogue number #64.

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