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Guidelines & Definitions for UK Model Horse Classlists

Have you ever wondered which Performance setup or Breed goes in which class? Hopefully this guide will help.

If you are entering a show and you are not sure where your horse should go always ask the show holder.

Ridden & Performance Classes

(Classes could be combined/split if required)

  • Ridden Show Horse: Hunter/Hack/Cob & Riding Horse Type Turnout. Include Sidesaddle. No Dressage type tack/rider
  • Ridden Show Pony: Riding Pony/Native Ridden Pony/Lead-Rein Pony etc. Include Sidesaddle. No Dressage type tack/rider
  • Western Pleasure: Includes Western Pleasure Sidesaddle.
  • Other Ridden Style: Western Parade/Saddleseat/Spanish/Australian and Other Ridden Gaited, Including TWH, ASB, MFT, Paso, Icelandic etc.  
  • Arabian Costume/Scene: Historical/Hollywood/Bedouin/Arabian Scene.
  • Historical Costume/Scene: Native American/Circus/Medieval/Historical Sidesaddle etc.
  • Showjumping & Working Hunter Horse/Pony:
  • Dressage: All levels
  • 3 x Day Event/Cross-country:
  • Driving/Harness: Private/Marathon/Scurry/Harness Racing/Fine/Park/Heavy Horse Harness etc
  • Western Performance: Natural Trail/Arena Trail/Western Stockwork/Western Games/Western Showmanship/Reining etc 
  • Other Performance/Scene: Racing/Working/Hunting/Gymkhana/Endurance/ Fancydress and Other Performance or Domestic Scene/Event not listed above etc

Breed Classes  

(Classes could be combined/split if required)

  • Arabian: (Purebreds Only)
  • Part-bred Arab: including Ara-Appaloosa /Morab/Hispano-Arab/NSH
  • Thoroughbred: (Purebreds Only)
  • Part-bred TB & Anglo-Arab:
  • UK Heavy Horse: Suffolk Punch/Shire/Clydesdale
  • Other Heavy Horse: Percheron/Brabant/Breton/Jutland/Noriker/American Cream/Spotted Draft etc
  • European Warmblood: Belgian/Dutch/Swedish/Holstein/Hanoverian/ Trekehner /Oldenburg/ Knapstrup/Wielkopolski etc.
  • European Pony: Icelandic/Haflinger/Fjord/Gotland/Camargue etc
  • Iberian: Andalusian/Lipizzaner/ Lusitano/Barb/Alter-Real/Spanish Mustang etc
  • Morgan: (Purebreds Only)
  • Appaloosa: (Appaloosa & Appaloosa/QH crosses)
  • Paint: (of Paint/TB/AQH Breeding Only)
  • American Quarter Horse: (Includes 'Appendix' QH)
  • American Gaited: MFT/TWH/ASB/Rocky Mountain Pony/Spotted Saddle Horses
  • Other American: Mustang/ POA/Bashkir Curly/American Shetland/Standardbred/Colorado Ranger etc
  • South American: Peruvian Paso/Paso Fino/Falabella/Galiceno/Criollo etc
  • British Light Horse Breed/Type: Irish Draught/Hackney Horse/Hackney Pony/Cleveland Bay/ Cob/Hunter/Hack/Traditional Coloured Cobs (Gypsy Vanner)/British Appaloosa etc
  • Large British Native Pony: Fell/Dales/Connemara/Highland/New Forest/Eriskey                                   
  • Small British Native Pony: Shetland/Exmoor/Dartmoor
  • Welsh Ponies/Cobs:  Welsh A-B-C-D
  • Other Show/Type Pony: British Spotted Pony/ Riding Pony/Australian Riding Pony/Galloway/WHP
  • Sport Horse Types: Appaloosa Sports Horse & British Sports Horse types etc including Polo Ponies.
  • Other Pure-bred Horse +14.2hh: Akhal-Teke/Don/Australia Stock Horse (Waler)/ Azteca/ Brumby/Tersky/Friesian etc
  • Other Pure-bred Pony -14.2hh: Caspian/Przewalski etc.
  • Other Part-bred/ Unknown Bred Horse +14.2hh: (No Part Arabs or TBs) 
  • Other Part-bred /Unknown Bred Pony -14.2hh: (No Part Arabs or TBs)
  • Longears/Exotic: Donkey/Mule/Zebra/Wild Ass/Quagga and their Hybrids & Partbreds
  • Foals 0-1 / Youngstock 1-3: