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Hobby Etiquette - Buying & Selling

Compiled by the members of the Facebook group:
British Model Horse Collectors

The question put to the members was - "What advice would you offer to someone who wants to BUY or SELL a second- hand model horse or accessories? Advice can relate to 'private' sales or sales using a online website eg Ebay or MH$P etc"
  • When selling make sure you have plenty of good clear photos of BOTH sides of the model and any flaws.

  • Be honest with the descriptions - if the model is marked, damaged or broken say it in the advert.

  • 'Scammers' and 'Tire Kickers' will be remembered in the hobby!

  • When packing a model use a box that is big enough and strong enough for the job. Use lots of bubble wrap and packing peanuts - newspaper and old carrier bags are not suitable for protecting items in the post. Don't over wrap the model either, a model wrapped over tightly in bubble wrap and parcel tape can cause stress on the legs and ears.

  • If you see a model horse for sale and wish to ask further questions about it be polite - private messages are more professional than posting a dozen 'I'll buy it' or "how much?" messages all over the internet, which are very annoying.

  • Remember you are agreeing to enter into a 'contract' when you agree to purchase something from someone else. If you are under 16 get a parent or guardian to conduct the sale for you. A lot of hobby collectors who sell items in the hobby will not sell to anyone under 16's due to trading laws.

  • Asking sellers to put models on 'hold' and then either not going through with the purchase or updating the seller about any changes of mind is considered very rude and will give you a 'negative mark' against your name.

  • 'Tyre kickers' are very much frowned upon within the hobby - as are the sellers who agrees to sell a model to someone else when they have already agreed to sell it to someone who asked first!

  • If you wish to purchase a model but are not sure if the person selling it is trustworthy or you just want to know the seller packs well and get feedback from people who have dealt with them before then the Yahoo group MHHR is well worth joining or the transaction board on Blab.  They are good sites to check to make sure your buyer is not someone you should avoid dealing with too.

  • Reply to e-mail queries as soon as possible - if you're being asked something which will take time to answer (e.g., for more detailed photos) drop the enquirer a quick reply to tell them that you'll get back to them as soon as you can.

  • Also never wrapped customs and painted resins up in kitchen towelling or tissue paper (especially scented ones) as they can and often do stick to the models! Oh and never use any scented stuff to wrap them in as can set peoples asthma/allergies off!

  • If you agree to trade a model - send your part of the trade in a reasonable time frame and always send via Registered post so you have proof of sending.  It's considered theft if you receive a trade and then don't complete your part of the deal!

  • More for buying really - If you see a model that you really want, instead of jumping straight in and asking for it to be put on hold; let the excitement subside, read the description, think about it and ask questions if you need to. There is nothing more infuriating than someone asking you to take your horse 'off the market' and then when they have thought about it sensibly backing out so you have to start the selling process all over again....

  • Another bit of advice for buyers (and sellers should request this too), if sending payment by post always send recorded, that way if the seller says they did not get the payment you can check if its been signed for.

  • DON'T send cash in the post always a Cheque or Postal order as they can be cancelled and reissued if it gets lost. There is nothing worse as a seller to be called a 'scammer' for not sending a model when you didn't get the payment in the first place.

  • Always use a strong box that is bigger then the item you are sending. Items packed into small, unsuitable packaging is more likely to get broken in the post. As a seller it is YOUR duty to pack well, as any damage or breakage will have to be refunded to the buyer.  Wrap items as though you are sending an egg in the post, as boxes will get dropped and squashed while in the post pack well and avoid damage!