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British Model Equine Championships

The British Model Equine Championships (BMECs) is the annual British Championship Live Show. It is the model horse equivalent of the Horse of the Year Show.

The BMECS (previously known as UK MECS) was organised by the BECF until 2009, but due the huge amount of work involved in organising the BMECS it was decided to split the two organisations. The BMECS now have there own dedicated Show team.

Further details about BMECs can be found here

Hall of Fame of Past UK MECs Supreme Champions

The Very First UK Model Equine Championship show was held in 1998 at Barrow-upon-Soar, Leicester. It was won by Jane Varins' FG Balcoreda Delta Blues. A Breyer SHS Custom by Frances Griffin. 

In 1999 the UK MECs was held at Halstead House Farm, Halstead.
It was won by Wendy Goodson's Sparten Grey Charm. A OF Animal Artistry Welsh A. 

The show in 2000 the UK MECs moved to Rothersthorpe Village Hall in Northamptonshire. The Supreme Champion was Frances Griffin's Minedfa Waith. The Custom AA was customised by Frances who also handmade the cart, tack and driver!

The show returned to Rothersthorpe in 2001. Sue Beard won the the Supreme Championship with Okernill Hollymist a Custom Breyer SM customised by Sue, who also made the tack and rider/handler. 

Back at Rothersthorpe for a 3rd year in 2002. The Supreme Champion this year was Sam Helton's Abbeymore Adventurer. An OF AAA SR SM China. 

UK MECS once again returned to Rothersthorpe in 2003. This wonderful set up with an OF Peter Stone named CV Jump for Joy won the Supreme Championship owned by Carmody Collins who also made the jump and tack herself! 

2004 and we're back in Rothersthorpe again.This year the UK MECs Supreme Champion was won by Bernadette O'Neill's lovely AA Classic sized Welsh D Mare Brynog Myfanwy. 

The UK MECS 2005 are back at Rothersthorpe Village Hall. A stunning Mini 'Nahar' resin Lodz owned by Nicki Collins was the UK MECS 2005 Supreme Champion.

Back to Rothersthorpe once again for 2006. Nicki Collins is the very lucky owner of Landkonig a stunning Eberl 'Valentin' resin who won the UK MEC Supreme Championship 2006.

2007 and back at Rothersthorpe Village Hall. Congratulations to Ann Sheppard who owned this OF Animal Artistry, earthenware Suffolk Punch stallion, Cider Park (above).  

2008 and the show was held at Ettington Community Center. Supreme Champion was this wonderful Traditional 'Independance' resin owned by Claire Ashworth (above). 


 UK MECs was not held in 2009 - the New BMECS format started in 2010. 
See the BMECS website for further details of future shows.