British Equine Collectors' Forum

For All British Model Horse Collectors

What is the British Equine Collectors' Forum?

The British Equine Collectors' Forum (BECF) was established in 1992, and is the central source in the UK for all aspects of model horse collecting - a sort of British Horse Society to compare it to the real horse world.

The BECF is not a 'club' or a 'society' - we don't have a paid membership.
We are a free advice service open to anyone who collects model horses.
We were primarily set up to help British model horse collectors, but are very happy to help model horse collectors from around the world. 

Any information required or questions relating to the hobby may be initially directed to the BECF.

The BECF Committee is:

  • BECF Co-Ordinator - Jackie Radwanski 
  • BECF Treasurer - Shaun Small
  • BECF Secretary -  Vacant
  • BECF Publicity - Jackie Radwanski 
  • BECF Newcomers Representative - Kelly Sealey (Savage)

Other BECF Roles: 

  • BECF Website - Jackie Radwanski
  • BECF Photo Show Secretarys - Vacant
  • BECF Newcomers Live - Vacant
  • BECF Hobby Day - Vacant
  • BECF Prefix Registry Rep - Vacant
  • BECF Breed Book/Judging Guide Rep - Fran Griffin
  • BECF Performance Book/Judging Guide Rep - Mel Baldwin
  • Associated Members: Suna Akiah, Sam Helton and the late Marian Rickerby (MHU).

BECF Representatives (Reps)

  • Live Show Rep - Vacant
  • Performance Reps - Sue Beard & Fran Griffin  
  • Mini Models Rep - Vacant
  • Customs Rep (Showing/Purchase) - Sue Beard
  • Resin Rep (Showing/Purchase) - Vacant 
  • OF Rep - Rebecca Fielding
  • CFT Rep - Amanda Dunning
  • Customising Reps - Sue Beard & Fran Griffin 
  • Judging Rep - Marion Randles
  • Tack Making Rep -Vacant

The BECF Representatives are members of the British Hobby who have very kindly agreed to offer their advice and expertise to anyone who has questions or querys about the hobby areas listed above. Please contact the BECF Reps with any questions either via the above links or via the BECF email - Thank you.

 Magazine Representatives:

  • These are non-elected roles for those people who represent the following    magazines: Model Horses Unlimited (MHU) & BOPAR.
  • The role exists whilst the aforementioned publications are being produced, but will cease to exist if the publications go out of print. 
  • The person has the role whilst they represent the publication, if they hand over to another person, then they automatically step down and hand over to the new representative.

Aims of the BECF:  

  • The Forum is established for the benefit of the British hobby members.
  • To promote the hobby of collecting model equines.
  • To provide a forum for collectors to meet and exchange information.
  • To arrange and provide meetings, social events, and information for members.
  • To raise funds for the BECF and invite and to receive contributions for the BECF by ways of sponsorship and otherwise for the members.

What the BECF offers:

  • First contact with the hobby to the general public.
  • Source of information for members and the general public.
  • Help promote the hobby to the general public.
  •  A 'forum' for advice, help and suggestions by and for members.
  •  A 'talking shop' where people can meet and socialise, pass information, and generally making friends with people with similar interests.
  • Organise, run and collate the BECF Prefix Registry
  • Organises and runs the BECF Newcomers Live Show and Hobby Days.

The BECF Horse Head Trophy was awarded annually. More details can be found here.

A full copy of the BECF Constitution is available from the BECF Secretary on receipt of a SASE.

If you ever come across any interesting information on new models or clubs, please send it to the BECF so we can let all UK model horse collectors know.